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Who is your favorite Fire Emblem Lord? (i left some out im sry there arent enough spacessssss) 

4 deviants said Ephraim
3 deviants said Marth
2 deviants said Ike
2 deviants said Lyn
2 deviants said Chrom/ Lucina
No deviants said Roy
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OTA Re-cap~~

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 10:52 AM
i know no one ever reads these L O L but maybe one day I'll re-read this to relive my experience??? XD;;

First off, Thursday we went against my judgement and got in the pre-reg line earlier compared to normal (4:30ish~) and it worked out for the best!! We were in line until after 7pm but we did get our badges, unlike lots of my unlucky friends :'cc Went out for a quick dinner with my dad, bro, and con roommate Melissa!
Friday  morning - afternoon I wore Maribelle!!! We didn't have our room until Friday, so we drove in that morning and it was hectic. Without much thought I booked a shoot for 11am, thinking we'd have enough time! Alas, I came prepared but our walk was incredibly long. Like over a mile, and I ended up half running it while juggling my phone trying to find the rest of my group and telling the photographer we'd be late. I also accidentally broke my parasol handle for Maribelle but somehow we pieced it together quickly!
We made it to the con and ran to meet our photographer and got started. I had a ton of ideas for the shoot but since I was late and had moved another shoot sooner, I ran out of time! BUT my good friend whom I've known since elementary school was cosplaying with me and during our shoot her boyfriend PROPOSED TO HER!!! It was really amazing to witness and be there as it happened and it was so exciting. (and of course she said yes!) I'm very happy for those two <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Ironically I brought along a prop engagement ring for us to use to propose with... l oooool Here's the newly engaged couple in Gregor and Nowi heheh:
 photo fe1_zps303a41fd.jpg photo fe2_zps12d2c2ac.jpg photo SCN_0003_3_zpsb0185b44.jpg

Afterwards, I did a personal shoot for Maribelle which was great! Then I relaxed for a bit, I met and talked to a super cute Nah cosplayer too! We later went to the FE:A gathering and it was SO well-organized! It was the most organized gathering I have ever been to, it ran so smoothly, and everyone was so sweet and nice!!! If you were there, lemme know!!!!!!
Cutie Nah and pics from the gathering including everyone doing an uncontrollable swordhand pose (my fave!!!!):
 photo fe3_zps20081556.jpg photo fe9_zps18044062.jpg photo fe8_zps19dfcd99.jpg
By the time that was over and our walk was complete (l o l I can't even count the amount of miles I walked, my dad recorded 7 mi on our first day), we went to check in. I finally ate and went to go hit up the dealers and meet up with my roomie. I thought about wearing Rydia but I ended up doing a casual Tsukimi and people even recognized me which shocked me XDD;; I got some cute stuff and had a really fun evening with my friends!!!
Casual Tsukimi + Meriissssuaa:
 photo selfie1_zpsa712fc6a.jpg
Saturday I had plans for FFX. But I was so worn out and drained mentally, I slept in and ended up getting ready about 11:30am+ LOL Normally i force myself up at 6/7am to get to work but I just couldn't do it. I had to get my dad into Auron and then get into Rikku. Because of the long walk I actually took off my thigh holster for the majority of the con and only wore it for photoshoots and never wore my targe because it was difficult to put on myself with gloved hands =-=;; Next time though!!! My dad had it rough in an incredibly hot costume, carrying massive Masamune, and the general uncomfortableness of Auron's weird outfit hahah. But everyone loved it, which was a relief to me. Lots of it needs upkeep and fixing for next wear but I'm glad people liked it for realll. I was so worried and hearing people compliment it meant a lot ;; I had my first shoot with Trevor and it went so well!!! I hope your voice recovers XDD;; It went so smoothly and I can't wait to see the shots!
Here's some selfies and a shot of Trevor at work:
 photo ffx1_zps18b16470.jpg photo ffx2_zpsbadee1cf.jpg photo ffx4_zps05536cbf.jpg
Afterwards we met up with Mei in Yuna and wandered a bit. We both wanted shots together and we both forgot to arrange a shoot hahahahha but it was great to meet her and we have plans to do FFX again which is gon b cuuuuuute
More selfies + MEEEEEI my cutie cousin Yunie:
 photo ffx5_zpsc9c29af0.jpg photo ffx6_zpsf7278d63.jpg photo ffx7_zpsdd48856a.jpg
Then we trekked back to the room since we were p. dang hot and all! I changed into my jellyfish dress and ran to meet friends for dinner and ended up spending the entire night with them out! I never made it to the con in my dress L OL this con was one of my only conventions where I just never wore costumes in my line-up hahaha
Here's a selfie at least of the dress!!:
 photo selfie4_zps44eb3e2d.jpg
Sunday, I didn't cos! Didn't make it to the dealers or have time to buy prints I wanted in the AA; just grabbed my friends and we went to YOSHIKI'S CONCERTTTT
Here's a crap cell pic of when Heath and Pata came out and then my Sunday look byebye ota selfie thing hahahaahah:
 photo yoshiki1_zpse062b560.jpg photo selfie8_zpsbd0b1e45.jpg

It was a new experience for my Otakons! I've been going for 7 years now, and this was a different experience and I'm glad. Dunno if I'll be back next year or ever, so it was a great fresh take! Con goers were nice in general which rarely happens to me at Ota l ooool but ofc I had issues with plenty of ignorant Baltimoreans, who were simply ignorant. Most of them had no malicious intent, but it still wasn't fun haha In the end I never wore Tsukimi to the con, nor Donny and Child Rydia, but I'll wear them another time!! I took this con slower and it was much more worthwhile!!

This has been a giant wall of text!!!! Anywayyy thanks for a great con guys!!
My next con is AUSA !! And for cos plans I really want to do more Zelda and Phoenix Wright, so lmk if anyone wants to do a group!! I mega miss doing big groups :'ccc

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